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Huge Fish Tank! All Glass! ...

Huge Fish tank Buy for sale, size 38 inch high - 42 inch wide - 72 inch long... Buy Fish tank, us,ring us,full
build specifications |Contact us here! | Cash Offers!

Only keen enthusiast need to consider this Huge Fish Tank Buy For Sale, and just how how big this is, suitable for big premises, retail outlets and shops . No support stand as rested on brickwork at my home, if if you decide to buy this fish tank you will need heavy duty support and concrete floor.Built by Nickeys Fish Glass box’s Northampton. Robust construction built correctly to building specifications. Tank is below.. Offers accepted. For contact information follow to secure form for more information about this product Secure Form contact me . Buy Huge Fish-tank: Email me!, ring us, view it in shop. Read more below.  No time wasters!.

Huge Fish Tank Buy:

Would prefer to take window out of house and move complete tank on trolley to vehicle. Would  also consider dismantling and packing glass for rebuild. Specially strengthened glass for big fish or show tank a must for all big fish enthusiast. Biggest and baddest in Northampton’s including Garden Centers .Probably the biggest all glass monster tank in Northampton shire. This fish tank was originally built  for Huge Big  Catfish, Red Tail Catfish, Niger Catfish, Tiger Shovel-nose Catfish, P. tigrinum, P. fasciatum. The reason i am selling the fish tank is that i am moving. Occupants currently in tank are Tinfoil Barbs, Pacu, and malawi cichilds. Optional of cause is my vegetarian pacu but will re-home fish in tank if need be. Come visit me or drop me a line. Use the secure form or email see links. throughout this article.


Huge Fish tank Buy
The Fish tank for sale.

You can also buy the fish tank here Website  Project Magento

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Extras: below free with sale

  • (1)For Sale! not new  Eheim 2260 External bucket filter. Runs Fish Tank Buy complete or will break £150 optional
eihem 2260
Power full external pump

  • (2) For Sale! Coral rock £150 worth;  optional; matured. Aesthetic for Huge Fish Tank


  • (3) For Sale Fish Tank Hood for fixing lights etc;  Lid £150 optional.


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